Snow is falling softly

Covering our town this night.

God is showing off again

With a blanket of sparkling white.


Snow castles and snowballs,

Snowflakes with promises of fun.

Hurry, hurry, rush outside!

Taste them on your tongue!


Snow angels and sledding

Down a favorite hill,

The smell of crisp, cold, cleanness

Evokes a pleasant chill.


Soft, white lace falling

From a winter sky.

Twirling with abandon

Christmas time is nigh.


D. E. Shiveley






Snow is a snowman,

Before he got himself together.

Of course, how cool he is

Depends completely on the weather.


D. E. Shiveley

© 1978




Candy wants out,

Then skids to halt,

And glares as if it's all my fault!

As if with cunning, sneaky might

I'd whipped up all that snow last night!


Reva McDaniel

© to D. E. Shiveley 2004






Backgrounds by Stands With Wings

Photo by Da Mama

Snow Ball Tube by Stands With Wings

Original Oil "Eternity" for Stands With Wings

logo used with the gracious permission of

Jopnathan Earl Bowser


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