The Garden of Friendship is one of the few groups I have joined that has gone the distance.

I sincerely believe that it is due to a perfect mix of organization, effort and good will.  Add a dash of humanity, a pinch of comradery and you have the perfect recipe for a group that will endure.

I have enjoyed my time here tremendously, staying as a member even after I have been forced to close my own groups.


My Garden name used to be Merribuck

Here are the awards I won during that time.





Now My Garden Name is Debra

I Stretch My Hand Across the Water

Beside glistening, mighty waters I stand.
Froth-tipped waves beat from shore to shore.
Back and forth they journey.
From land to land.

I stretch forth my hand.

As soul touches soul, and tales of family we impart
Friendship grows and becomes a living thing.
We become good friends –
Though we live apart.

I stretch forth my heart.

©Debra Shiveley Welch 2011

I Dream

I dream of circling Saturn
And soaring above Mars.
I’d like to jitterbug on Jupiter,
And dance among the stars.

A polka would be lovely on Pluto,
A waltz on Mercury sublime.
I’d tango on Neptune for eternity,
The universe my playpen for all time.

On Venus I would fall in love,
Wash my hair in the Milky Way,
And ride upon a shooting star,
As among the stars I play.

By ® Debra Shiveley Welch 2011


Tender blades thrust
Through spring soaked soil.
A tip of gold,
Bright with promise,
Reaches toward
A newborn sun.
The sweet fragrance
Of life reborn
Sends a promise
Of another spring.

©Debra Shriveley Welch


My Love

You have given me the job I never weary of,
The name I will never change, nor give to another.
You have made me the person I wish to be remembered as.
You have made me...Mother.

For you have brought more joy then I knew existed.
You have filled my heart with song.
You have brought me to the one place
Where I know I belong.

©2007 Debra Shiveley Welch;
Excerpt from Son of My Soul – The Adoption of Christopher


Smiling, happy faces,
Bright ribbons and mistletoe,
Stockings filled with candies
Stretch out in a cheery row.

Sparkling tinsel on a tree,
Lights in green, red and blue,
A gently drifting snowfall,
Making every thing look new.

Shared smiles and merriment,
Smells of succulent, roasting goose,
These are the memories I carry –
Treasures I never want to lose.

© Debra 2009
as Debra Shiveley Welch


The earth exhales in gratitude at the hope of Winter’s end;
flowers in bloom herald the arrival of Spring.

Youth rejoices as the air warms with the scent of daffodils,
and glorious tulips side-by-side like lovers stand.

Birds trill their joyous song, hungry mouths stretched toward the sky,
as Robin and Jay and Sparrow, renew the promise of the season with new life.

Those of us who remember yesterday and yesterday and yesterday more,
stand and stretch and warm our bones beneath Spring’s rejuvenating rays,

And once again our hearts lift up in thankful prayer,
For another Spring is ours.

©Debra ShiveleyWelch 2009


Sphagnum-scented, bright green spear
Thrusting upward through dark, moist moss.
Golden crown and rosy trumpet
Iridescent in Spring’s shimmering sunlight.
Breathe now of delicious perfume
As sweet as a newborn’s scent,
And glory in the silken softness of newly opened petals.

Merribuck ©2009 Debra Shiveley Welch


I awaken to the sounds
Of birds and ducks and geese.
A mist stands above the lake
Like a bridal veil.

I descend the wooden stairs
Greeted with sweet meow.
Ancient dog follows slowly
Pets will follow soon.

The smell of fragrant coffee…
Fried eggs, bacon and toast
Stay safe, my Sweet Love, today.
Husband leaves for work.

A bathroom radio blares.
Teenage voice raised in song.
The child gambols down the stairs.
My beloved son.

© Merribuck aka Debra Shiveley Welch 2009






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