Cute little boy with fire truck toys
Frogs and ducks and a mouse.
Dress up costumes and video games,
That's who lives in my house.


 Playful, white dog and kibble,
Balls and half-chewed bones.
Fuzzy white hair and toys on the stair,
That's who lives in my home.









Upside down African Grey Parrot
Bells and Boings and 'tude.
Chattering away the live-long day,
That's who lives in my room.






Sweet little cockatiels whistling.
"Andy Griffith" theme sung by all three
One of them calls me "Mother."
That's who lives with me.









All of these cute, little "critters"
Have been chosen to share my life
Enriching it beyond measure!
Oh, yes - one more - calls me wife!


D. Erin Welch





Photos by Da Mama

Newspaper photo by permission of "The Eagle Gazette."

Backgrounds by Stands With Wings

Original Oil "Eternity" for Stands With Wings

logo used with the gracous permission of

Jopnathan Earl Bowser


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