Meet Layla - our sweet Timneh African Grey!

What a card!

Meet Joe Blue

Opaline Parakeet (Budgie) Male

The Quintessential Bilbo           Come up and see me some time!
Bilbo Baggins - White Face Cinnamon Pearl Pied Cockatiel Hen
Bilbo Baggins (back) and PippinOz (front)
First Meeting 


 Look at that smile!                 What a Difference!

PippinOz - Cinnamon Pearl Pied Split to Lutino Male Cockatiel


Arwen Evenstar - White Face Cinnamon Pied Fancy Male Cockatiel

I Enjoy Being a 'Tiel

Sung to the Tune of "I Enjoy Being a Girl"



I'm a "tiel and by me that's only great!

I am proud that my silhouette is curvy,

That I walk with a sweet and waddling gait

With my tail kind of swishy and swervy.


I adore being fluffed up and whistlin'

When my slave gets me out of my cage.

Out I go with my Pepper or Buddah or Pippin,

Like a pretty bird fit for the stage!




When all of my toys are brand new

And I get popcorn for my meal,

I float as the clouds on air do,

I enjoy being a 'tiel!


When my slave says I'm cute and funny,

And I'm too beautiful to be real,

I just lap it up like honey,

I enjoy being a 'tiel!


I flip when my slave gives me sunflowers,

I scream for my pasta plate,

I play on my Boiing for hours,

With spaghetti sauce all over my face!


I'm strictly a pretty bird birdie

And my future I hope will be

In the home of a besotted owner

Who'll enjoy being a slave

Having a 'tiel like me!


Debra (the sick! LOL)




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Andy Griffith Tune Courtesy of Pippin Oz Welch